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  Red Chilly

Botanical name: Capsicum annuum 

Chilli peppers are a small, fiery variety of capsicum. It is slender 2-3" long, with thin & pointed pods covered with a thin glossy skin. Fruit whether eaten by themselves or used as an ingredient in a prepared dish. Chilies are the most popular spice and condiment in the world. They are consumed daily by one-quarter of the world's population, and the rate of consumption is growing.

Chili peppers can be eaten fresh or dried, raw or cooked, alone or mixed with other foods. They add zest to any food—meat, poultry, seafood, starch, vegetables. Due to their thin skin, these are perfect for grinding into powder when dries. Red Chilli Pepper Flakes or popularly known Crushed Red Pepper is dried cayenne peppers that have been crushed. They are often sprinkled on pizzas and salad to add extra spice and flavor. Crushed Red Chilli Powder is preferred hot pepper of many Mexican cooks it can also be used in chilli sauces, soups and stews. Crumbled dried chillies work well when fried in olive oil with garlic and mixed with spaghetti for a simple Italian-style supper. These hot Red Chilli Peppers have a flavor similar to jalapenos.

We offer Whole Fresh / Dried/ Flakes / Powder.

Type of Bags Quantity
New Multi Wall Paper Bag 25Kg, 40Kg & 50Kg New Jute / Gunny Bags with or without inner bag / poly lined.
P. P. Bag 25 Kg & 50 Kg Poly Propylene
Custom Requirement Customized as per requirement of clients and private labeling.


Type of Container Quantity
20 feet Whole 7-8 Tonnes / Ground 15-16 Tonnes
40 feet -
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